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current work


"The Shadow Line" 
Solo Exhibition - January 21 -February 2, 2020
Stormwater Studios, Columbia, SC 
Opening Reception, Wednesday, Jan 22,  5-8pm

"Six Artists"Group Exhibition - Nov 1-30 2019
Camellia Art Gallery
35 North Main St., Hilton Head, SC 

"Heimat/Home-The Columbia/Kaiserslautern Exchange"
IfArt Gallery - October 4-26 Group Exhibition

Creation of public artwork at Stormwater Studios

See full program schedule


"Crossed Wires"
Solo Exhibition - July 19 -July 27, 2019
Art & Light Gallery
Greenville, SC 


Public Art Installation

West Columbia, SC
Interactive Park - Permanent Installation

July 2019

McDonald's - "Hello, Goodbye"
Elmwood Avenue & Assembly Street
Columbia SC, Private Commission- February 2019


Alpharetta GA, National Juried Sculpture Exhibition
April 2017- December 2019


public art projects


Alamance County Art Museum, Graham, NC

West Columbia, SC

Main St, Columbia, SC     see more >

artist statement

There are times when I have an idea in my head of how a painting will go. Usually as I work, a completely different thing happens, as if the paint had a whole different plan. Somewhere between building the surface and making and erasing marks there is a shift. It is that moment of knowing, of seeing that shape or line, of finding the composition that is the exciting thing for me.

My head is full of thoughts, conscience and sub-conscience. I am in conversation, or meditating, over analyzing, or simply joyfully reacting to an environmentally inspired mood. Bold lines are followed by quieter thoughtful ones as if i am having a discussion; debating. Sometimes it amuses me. Sometimes it is frustrating. I am digging in, digging deep. It has to feel authentic. I am trying to discover, not just repeat the same words over and over. My mood may change from one day to the next so balancing the conversation, being consistent in thought; one conversation at a time, is impossible. I usually work on 4 or 5 pieces at a time, turning from a painting to a sculpture and then to yet another painting in one session. Starting on the floor, I may be moving paint and lines around. Then, I find myself in another corner of the studio playing with a piece of worn wood and rusted nails. It makes perfect sense that I see my lines in my sculpture and my sculpture in my drawings but it always surprises me. I like experiencing that same moment of surprise when a viewer, for just one second, isn't sure what they are looking at.


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