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Eileen Blyth is a Columbia artist known for her paintings and assemblages of found objects. In presenting her work, she hopes that a connection is made between the viewer and the work; that a memory floats to the surface, or simply to share some of the joy found in creating the work.

“I am looking for a truth in my work, trying to listen, observe, explore. I wonder why I'm drawn to these objects and why their color and shape find themselves repeated in my images. The completion of each new painting, each experience, is a discovery.

I am absorbed by the process of repurposing found objects. I like the idea of using objects for purposes other than their original intent, giving discarded objects a new “job”, a new life.

The joy of finding, the compulsion of retrieving and constructing, the obsession to draw and paint the shapes all have varying levels of importance in the outcome of my work. The gesture, the act of expressing, how it feels to move the paint across the canvas; that is my starting place. The process of discovering, not just the medium and subject but what it feels like when I imagine, what it feels like when I know, is of equal importance in the outcome.”